Integrated Semiconductor Solutions, Inc. (ISS) provides a complete range of semiconductor processes, products, package qualifications and all reliability stress tests solutions and engineering services for (IDM) Integrated Device Manufacturers.

ISS facilitates production level burn-in and all other services for fast ramping to volume manufacturing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Highest Quality and most reliable systems & products

  • Reduce unit costs for fabless and start-up Integrated Device manufacturers

  • Over 20+ years of technical expertise

  • Extensive industry exposure utilizing our (IDM) specialization

We work closely with our customers to design, develop, test, analyze, and debug the most challenging projects.

ISS Philosophy and Vision

ISS has been providing High Quality Reliability Testing services for fabless and start-up Integrated Device manufacturers. Our goal is to meet all Customer Requirements and deliver the highest quality services and Solutions to all technical challenges. We are passionate and provide friendly, customer service and complete satisfaction.

  • ESD, MM, CDM and Latch-Up Testing Services

  • Product & Process Reliability Testing Services

  • Package Qualification Services

  • PCB Design Fab & Assembly Services

  • Customize Burn-In Board Design

  • Customize ESD Board Design

Additional Services Provided by ISS

  • Failure Analysis Services

  • ATE / Test Programming / Test Development / ATE Testing Support

  • IN-HOUSE Production Burn-In with competitive overseas pricing in the US (You Save US customs and shipping costs)


ISS Inc. is a Cooperation registered in the state of California. Our Reliability Stress test service laboratory is dedicated to provide customers outmost engineering support 24 hours 7 days a week. Since ISS engineering staff is experienced in the Semiconductor Device Manufacturing industry provides solutions to any technical challenges. Whether Semiconductor Company having issues ranging from board design, packages, down through the single devices level, Pattern conversions, our dedicated team work closely to resolve and get the projects started and ACCELERATE TIME TO MARKET.

  • Providing full turnkey solutions.

  • Optional selections of any services.


Hardware Design

Hardware Debug

Burn-in Services

ESD/CDM testing

Package Qualification

ATE Testing

Online Brochure : A copy can be downloaded from this link: ISS eBrochure

Test Services

ISS ESD & Environmental Testing lab has the equipment Engineering expertise over 25 years of experience to support in-house full test and diagnostic solutions.
  • IC Qualifications For ESD

  • Burn-in Product, Process, Reliability Qualification Capability and Capacities

  • Device Package Qualification Services Pre and Post (Preconditioning) Tests Includes

  • IC Package Failure Analysis

  • Engineering and Hardware Capabilities

Test Capabilities

ISS currently has equipment on hand for complete Reliability Support for Low and High Power Products, ESD Characterization and Testing Plans for High Pin count and Supply Count and all required stress tests for all product, process and package Qualification.

  • System supports HBM, MM, and Latch Up testing

  • System supports CDM testing

  • Burn-in Product, Process, Reliability Qualification Capability and Capacities

Test Standards

ISS offers a full line of component qualification process for ESD testing to JEDEC and ESDA standards.

  • HBM Test Standards

  • CDM

  • MM

  • LU

  • Transmission Line Pulse (TLP)


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John Smith

What does this team member to? Keep it short! This is also a great spot for social links!

John Smith

What does this team member to? Keep it short! This is also a great spot for social links!

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